Kingdom Hearts 4 could feature a Star Wars world

Kingdom Hearts 4 could feature a Star Wars world

Kingdom Hearts 4 was officially announced as part of the series’ 20th Anniversary event. We also caught a glimpse at another game titled Kingdom Hearts Missing Link. Both of these titles came with trailers, but unsurprisingly, Kingdom Hearts 4 has taken most of the attention. And its trailer showed off something that has fans very excited after what seems like a potential tease. There’s a small chance that we could see a Star Wars world in Kingdom Hearts 4.

The Kingdom Hearts series is no stranger to delving into various Disney properties, and the fan base has always had a few properties in mind that they’d love to see make an appearance. Ever since Disney acquired Marvel, and then Star Wars a few years later, fans have obviously wanted to see them in Kingdom Hearts. You can’t really blame them, since it would be pretty cool to see that crossover.


Could Star Wars really come to Kingdom Hearts 4?

The image that sparked this is of what looks to be the foot of an AT-ST. This of course is an iconic vehicle from the Star Wars franchise, with a rather distinct look. It’s so distinct, that even a tiny portion of it is easily recognizable. Several Twitter users have already shared plenty of images regarding this, and it does seem convincing. It also makes a lot of sense, as this is something that fans have talked about for years.

Kingdom Hearts 4 Star Wars

Kingdom Hearts is a long-running franchise with an infamous amount of sequels and side stories, and most of Disney’s animated properties have already seen representation in the games in some way. Kingdom Hearts 3 even pulled from Pixar’s lineup of films for many of its worlds, as well as a few more recent Disney films like Tangled and Frozen. So it’s likely that the series will eventually have to reuse some of these films or venture out into different territory.

There’s also the fact that Sora looks much different in Kingdom Hearts 4 than he does in the other games. At least when set in Quadratum (Kingdom Hearts 4‘s only confirmed location), Sora will have a more realistic appearance. In previous games, Sora’s design was much more cartoonish to help him blend in with Disney’s animated properties. This change could indicate that more live-action properties may get representation in the game. However, Pirates of the Caribbean has already been featured in the series. And while Sora’s appearance was slightly different for those worlds, it wasn’t a big difference. Ultimately, this is just speculation, and Sora’s appearance in the trailer doesn’t necessarily confirm anything.

If Star Wars does get featured in Kingdom Hearts 4, it could be very cool and refreshing for the series. It would also be a great fit since many of their themes tend to carry over to each other. We have no confirmation, though, so we’ll have to wait on an official announcement for more information. Stay tuned for news on Kingdom Hearts 4, as there’s bound to be more throughout the year.

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