Kingdom Hearts’ Sora is the final Super Smash Bros Ultimate character

Kingdom Hearts’ Sora is the final Super Smash Bros Ultimate character

Fans have been eagerly awaiting the last announcement for the Switch’s Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and now it’s here. Sora is on the way.

Keyblade and all

A pretty popular franchise in its own right, Kingdom Hearts is finally joining the fray in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Not the whole roster, that’d be silly, but the main hero Sora is on the way.

The protagonist of the KINGDOM HEARTS series is Sora, a young boy who wields the iconic Keyblade and traverses Disney and Pixar worlds, battling enemies known as the Heartless to overcome darkness and restore peace to the realms. His signature look and airborne moves from the KINGDOM HEARTS games transition perfectly to the battlefields of Super Smash Bros Ultimate, offering an approachable fighter with a unique feel that helps Sora stand out on his own.

Inspired by his moves in KINGDOM HEARTS, Sora excels at fighting in the air when playing him in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. His jumps are high and his movements are light and soft. While he is easily launched by opponents, Sora’s powerful, combo-based attacks using his mighty Keyblade make him a formidable challenger.

Using a series of intuitive button presses, Sora can perform all types of different combos with his Keyblade, be it straight-on attacks, aerial moves or side smashes. He can also use Magic, just like in KINGDOM HEARTS. Fans will recognize the Firaga, Thundaga and Blizzaga spells, which can be unleashed in various ways to cover the battlefield with a volley of impressive hits. Sora can also activate his Final Smash, called “Sealing the Keyhole,” to send his worthy opponents flying.


Here comes a new challenger

Sora is the final addition to Challenger Pack 11. That’s a part of the Ultimate Fighters Pass Vol.2, which also includes the likes of Min Min from ARMS, Steve and Alex from Minecraft, Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII, Pyra/Mythra from Xenoblade Chronicles, and Kazuya from Tekken.

A packed set, the Pass is priced in at $29.99 USD, and of course requires the base Super Smash Bros Ultimate to run. If you’d rather just have Sora, Challenger Pack 11 is also available separately for $5.99 USD.

Included in that is not just Sora. You also get “a new stage and a selection of music tracks from the KINGDOM HEARTS franchise”.

Look for Sora to come to Super Smash Bros Ultimate this month, on October 18th.

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