Kingdoms Reborn: beginner’s guide for new builders

Kingdoms Reborn 5Kingdoms Reborn is a builder/sim (in Early Access) that’s all about creating an empire from practically nothing. If you’re at a bit of a loss regarding progression early on, this handy guide will help to get you started in Kingdoms Reborn. We will also go over some tips to point you in the right direction.
When you start a new game in Kingdoms Reborn, your only course of action is to choose a spot to start out. This, as you’re no doubt aware, is highly important. Your starting location decides what resources you have available. You will immediately want to make sure you’ve got access to wood and stone. Being able to mine coal and iron will also be quite helpful, but wood is really the most important resource for early buildings.
The first thing you’ll do upon picking your spot is place a townhall. This building will be instantly populated with a certain amount of people. The problem is that you’re not going to have any food. While winter will stil…

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