Knight class guide — Weapon, talent, and passive

Rogue Legacy 2 Knight Class Guide Feature

The Knight is the class that every Rogue Legacy 2 player starts out as. It’s a jack-of-all-trades class with a nice balance of offense and defense. Despite being the starter class, the Knight is actually one of the strongest classes in the game. Regardless of if you’re just starting out or a franchise veteran, understanding how to get the most out of the Knight is important. For this, we’ve prepared this handy guide on the Knight class in Rogue Legacy 2.

Unlocking the Knight is extremely easy. All you have to do is complete the tutorial, which is mandatory at the start of any new save. Once the tutorial is finished, you’ll be thrown into the castle for your very first run.


The Great Sword

The Knight class utilizes history’s most iconic weapon: the sword. More specifically, the Great Sword. It is a melee weapon that hits hard, assuming you can get within its effective range. When using the Great Sword ,it is possible to moonwalk attacks. By swinging and then moving in the opposite direction, you will move backward while attacking forwards. This is useful for poking enemies for damage and then retreating to a safe distance.

The Great Sword is one of the weapons in Rogue Legacy 2 to have access to a guaranteed critical hit. If you dash as you attack, the following attack will always deal critical damage. It’s a great option for closing the gap on enemies while dealing some extra damage.

Rogue Legacy 2 Knight class guide Weapon Sword

Shield Block

In Rogue Legacy 2, the Knight class can use the Shield Block talent. As its name would suggest, this involves pulling out a shield and blocking an incoming attack. When used, it triggers a 10-second cooldown. This alone is strong, but this talent goes far beyond just being just a simple defensive tool.

Shield Block reduces incoming damage by 50% and destroys any incoming projectiles. It also applies the Vulnerable debuff to nearby enemies, making all attacks that follow deal critical damage. However, if you time the block just before an attack hits, a Perfect Block is granted, nullifying all damage. It also grants some invulnerability frames, providing an opportunity to maneuver in ways that would otherwise result in you getting hurt.

Rogue Legacy 2 Knight Shield Talent


Veteran is the Knight’s new passive ability in Rogue Legacy 2. It adds a 5% critical hit chance to all weapon-based attacks. This applies to swings, charge attacks, and spin kicks. However, it does not apply to spells or any other damage not dealt by your primary weapon.

Although this isn’t the strongest passive by any means, it is still useful. There aren’t that many methods of increasing base critical hit chance in Rogue Legacy 2. Being able to do so with a passive that is always active is nice and it can occasionally make a difference. Most of the time, though, this is just going to be a quality-of-life ability that helps deal a little extra damage.

Rogue Legacy 2 Knight Passive

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