Knights of the Golden Sun #1 (Comics) Preview

From an age untold, Knights of the Golden Sun seeks to tell a story between the two Testaments of the Bible. And a war of angels.

Some of that old time religion

Four hundred years separate the Old Testament from the New Testament, and during that time, neither man nor angel could hear God’s divine message. In his absence, an age of chaos began. With humanity at the wayside, a power struggle erupts among the Archangels over who will control Father’s throne.

How’s that for a large scale story? Not that Knights is the first piece of entertainment that I’ve seen delve into biblical tales, but its story is nonetheless unique. Filling in the space between the Old and New Testaments? Pretty gutsy.

Honestly, it sounds pretty cool too. I’m digging the idea that God is just “gone” for a while between the Testaments. And then, since he isn’t around, the angels start trying to make their own hierarchy. That’s just some cool stuff from writer Mark London right there.

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And the visuals don’t hurt either. I can’t say that I was familiar with him, but Mauricio Villarreal’s work looks to have an almost dreamlike, painted quality to it. I’m digging it.

Set for pre-order right now, Knights of the Golden Sun #1 hits retail on November 14th.

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