Latest Ark 2 trailer brings back Vin Diesel, points to 2023 release

Latest Ark 2 trailer brings back Vin Diesel, points to 2023 release

Microsoft and Bethesda lined up plenty to see for the 2022 summer showcase, and Ark 2 made an appearance with more dinos, Vin Diesel, and an update to the release timeline. The game is now due for 2023, and this announcement of a delay comes as a little surprise given how frequent this trend has become in the broader industry.

The upside is that we at least get to see a little more of what to expect in the final release, however short it is. This time around, it looks like we’ll be able to elaborately decorate our dinos. We also learned the game will take place on a new planet, which should allow for some opportunities for the devs to create varied, unique environments.


Naturally, the star of the show was once again Vin Diesel, flanked by his daughter. The two rode a T-Rex, as family, to take down a raptor. Fortunately, the Dodo bird survived, so we can all sleep easy tonight.

Can you survive the wait?

There’s a lot we still don’t know about the game, unfortunate as that is. We can only go by the limited bits of information shown in the trailers.

One point of curiosity is in regards to how representative the graphics in the trailers will be of final gameplay. We could expect future graphics cards to pump out fidelity like this, but how will the consoles fair? Xbox Series X is limited to about the capabilities of an RTX 2080, so it will be interesting to see some PC gameplay whenever that may be.

Fortunately, the original game, Ark: Survival Evolved, still gets major updates. Just today, the Fjordur update went live, so you can at least jump in and explore that content in the meantime. It adds large icey biomes based on a Nordic archipelago, four new creatures to tame, and there’s sure to be some other secrets spread throughout.

If the delay for the Ark 2 release has you bummed, check out the rest of our coverage from the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase 2022. There were a ton of reveals, including Redfall, High on Life, and many more.

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