Launch date and SOMA gameplay trailer hits

June 3, 2015
News, PC, PS4


High-tech horror title SOMA is on the way to the PC and PS4 (and your nightmares) this September.

Yep, that was ever so slightly unsettling. SOMA definitely seems to have a kind of Amnesia feel to it, which shouldn’t be overly surprising since Frictional Games worked on that title as well. Though there’s more to this one. To ma anyway, SOMA calls up a little System Shock and even some BioShock vibes here and there. All in all, that’s a pretty wicked combination, and one that could make this a game to watch.

As to exactly when you can expect to dive into this creepshow, the doors to the PATHOS-2 facility will open when SOMA arrives on the PC and PS4 on September 22nd.

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