Leatherface’s new home found in Warzone: The Haunting of Verdansk

Leatherface’s new home found in Warzone: The Haunting of Verdansk

The spooky season is upon us, and the world’s biggest shooter franchise is definitely joining the fun. With Call of Duty: Warzone‘s Halloween event, The Haunting of Verdansk, in full motion, there is much content for players to chew through. There are themed cosmetics to unlock, a new game mode in the form of Zombie Royale, and much more just waiting to be discovered by brave players. The Haunting of Verdansk also features an icon of the season, Leatherface. While you can grab his cosmetics and dress up for fun, it seems the killer himself has made himself a new home.

Imagine a battlefield already full of danger, as other players look to end your life. Now add in the presence of a maniacal killer, and the tension instantly kicks up a notch. Of course, it is more likely to spot someone dressing up as Leatherface rather than the killer himself. It is a worrying thought, nonetheless, that he could be around. Leatherface’s residence in Verdansk seems to be on the eastern side of the Krovnik Farmland during The Haunting of Verdansk. This discovery by The Legendary Borac was shared on YouTube

Fresh digs

Approaching the house, you can already see a spectral image of our killer. Entering the house will instantly make things clear. There are chunks of flesh lying around, blood splatters everywhere, and red footprints on the floorboards. The sound of an ominous chainsaw can be heard, coming from the attic. Head upstairs and you will find no actual presence, as the spectral sight disappears,  only to reappear near the stairs and back again, together with that unnerving sound of the chainsaw. Creepy stuff.

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That is not the only scary thing to have been sighted in The Haunting of Verdansk. Ghosts can be spotted in hospitals already. They can also provide a good jump-scare when you attempt to open up loot chests at the different Trick or Treat locations. For those more accustomed to duking it out with humans, perhaps The Haunting of Verdansk is something you want to skip.

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