Legend indeed

Chris Claremont returns to X-Men with February’s X-Men Legends

One of the greatest names in X-Men history, Chris Claremont is returning to the Marvel Universe as a part of Marvel’s retrospective X-Men Legends.

Legend indeed

If you haven’t been following along with X-Men Legends, it’s maybe the biggest sleeper book in Marvel’s arsenal right now. But the relatively young series isn’t set in the modern Marvel U, instead focusing on the past.

X-Men Legends looks back into the history of the X-Men (and associated teams), and tells new tales set within those specific time periods. On top of that, it also brings back iconic creative teams to do it. We told you recently about the return of the Simonsons, and now it’s Chris Claremont’s turn. Or at least, it will be in February of 2022.

Claremont is one of the biggest and most important minds behind the X-Men, so it’s particularly cool to see him back on an X-book. This one’s a little extra cool too, in that it goes all the way back to the Fall of Mutants storyline.

Cover art from Alan Davis

In the aftermath of “Fall of the Mutants,” the X-Men are dead. Or so the world believes. And Mystique seeks revenge on Forge for his role in the loss of Rogue. In order to stop her partner from making a grave mistake, Destiny will have to recruit Nightcrawler and Shadowcat who, injured as they are, must dig deep to find new strength and do what is right as the last X-Men standing!

“It’s always fun wandering back along existing pathways and especially having the opportunity to fill in a couple of nifty gaps that were initially skipped over along the way—closing off one significant story-arc and lighting the fire that ignites the series that follows,” Claremont said. “Talk about a treat!”

Marvel Comics

With art from Scott Eaton, Claremont’s X-Men Legends #12 hits the stands in February.

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