Legion of Doom

DC Comics is about to debut its Year of the Villain theme, which will be running through the rest of 2019. It all begins with Justice League #25.

Legion of Doom

Would you believe Lex Luthor, head of a syndicate of super-powered jerks called the Legion of Doom? I’d have to think about it, no matter what it was he was offering.

Apparently though, the people of the DC Universe feel differently. Maybe it was all that good will from being a legit (well, sort of) hero with the League. Whatever the case, Luthor’s plans are about to come to fruition, as he offers the people of the world a choice…

In JUSTICE LEAGUE #25, former Justice League hero turned Legion of Doom villain Lex Luthor makes the world an offer: Reject the Justice League, make this the Year of the Villain, and follow Luthor’s evil plans to save humanity…because justice isn’t getting the job done! Check out the new logo and pick up your copy of JUSTICE LEAGUE #25 on June 5th, 2019!

DC Comics

Aside from bringing about Year of the Villain, JL #25 also debuts the book’s new logo. Kind of a mixture of the current look and the original, classic “shield” and stars image, the new logo is a good change in my opinion.

It seems like there won’t be a shield on the cover of JL issues though, and you can see why. The backdrop to the actual wording would just take up too much space. That’s room better served by showcasing artwork, in this case from Jorge Jiménez and Alejandro Sánchez.

Justice League #25 hist the stands on June 5th.

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