Legion Update 3.0 is available now, fixes bugs and crashes

New Watch Dogs: Legion hotfix to fix PC framerate issues and freezes

London is hopefully in better shape now that players have spent the last few months cleaning up oppression with a healthy dose of anarchy and freedom fighting. Ubisoft has done its part too in providing a better experience for players as they go about their missions. With that said, there are still plenty of things to come for Watch Dogs: Legion, and Update 3.0 is another step closer to major changes, including some prep work for the once-delayed online mode.

Ubisoft’s community manager posted some patch notes today which specified an emphasis on improving game stability ahead of the online mode launch. A not-so-quick scroll through the list of fixes affirms that the developer has been hard at work in settings things straight. It would be extremely boring if I started listing each fix one by one, but there are some broad conclusions we can draw from the info.


Staying in the game

For starters, there should be far fewer crashes for players now. PCs largely vary in hardware specifications, and this tends to introduce a lot of weird problems in games. Developers work to improve stability in an order of most common to least common setups among users. Now seems to be a good entry point for more potential Watch Dogs players, and accessibility is good news.

Watch Dogs Legion Tech Review

Once you do get to the actual gameplay though, it seems that a lot more quests, mechanics, and options should work as intended. If you hit a snag with any particular quest, you might give these notes a read. They are quite specific, so your issue may be included in the list of fixes.

We also found it particularly interesting that the game was suffering from stuttering issues and framerate drops on some systems. One player, who was quick to comment on the post, wrote that they experienced a lot of stuttering in a previous build. Hopefully the stuttering is now resolved for that player and others alike. More specifically, it seems that players with AMD graphics cards were experiencing an issue where an incorrect default quality pre-set was being selected. AMD cards were also suffering from visual artifacts. Those issues are also now resolved, so you can jump back in without fear. As a final note, it seems the Tobii eye tracking software works better now with this update.

Watch Dogs: Legion Update 3.0

See you in London

We’re interested to see how the online elements pan out for Watch Dogs: Legion. Ubisoft has hyped up that aspect of the game, but failed to finish it on time for the main release. It’s a few months overdue, but I suppose late is better than never. Most developers are dealing with delays these days, so we do have to exhibit a little more patience. For now, Update 3.0 at least makes Watch Dogs: Legion better in its singleplayer mode.

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