LEGO Marvel Superheroes launches this week

The LEGO-tized version of the Marvel Universe is set to hit current generation consoles and handhelds this week.

“We are excited to finally bring LEGO gamers and Marvel fans the action-packed game they have all been waiting for with LEGO Marvel Super Heroes,” said Tom Stone, Managing Director, TT Games Publishing. “LEGO Marvel delivers an original story told in classic LEGO humor and with more than 100 playable characters, the game also includes an impressive roster featuring some of the most iconic fan favourites, such as the Hulk and Spider-Man, spanning the entire Marvel Universe, including Stan Lee!”

“The collaboration with LEGO and TT Games, an uninhibited creative process, has resulted into an outstanding execution that will delight children and adults alike,” said Andreea Enache-Thune, Senior Vice President, Games & Digital Distribution, Marvel Entertainment. “LEGO Marvel Super Heroes reaffirms our commitment to quality. With every game build and every trailer that brought us closer to the finish line, our enthusiasm has grown exponentially and to say that we are excited to see this game come to life is an understatement.”

TT’s take on the DC Universe has been amazingly good and deep as can be a huge roster of heroes and villains appearing in LEGO Batman 2, so it’s awesome to see the Marvel pantheon coming to life in brick form as well. Personally, I’m pumped to put together a team of LEGO X-Men in the game- especially with the inclusion of that classic ’90s Cyclops. All of the characters in the game seem to have their most iconic looks actually, which is a great thing for Marvel fans who go way back. I don’t think there was a better era than the 1990’s in terms of X-Men comics, so I’m all smiles.

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Look for LEGO Marvel Superheroes to land on the Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Wii U, 3DS and Vita this week with PS4 and Xbox One editions due next month.

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