Leverage and Embassy actions guide

Leverage and Embassy actions guide

Humankind Together We Rule Leverage Embassy Guide

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Humankind: Together We Rule gives you more tools to change your playstyle. This time, there’s a heavy focus on diplomacy, but you do need to gather a resource to manipulate your opponent. Here’s our Humankind: Together We Rule guide to help you with Leverage points and Embassy actions — and how to learn what they accomplish.

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Humankind: Together We Rule guide – How to earn Leverage points and use Embassy actions

Leverage points

Leverage is a new resource in Humankind: Together We Rule. It’s symbolized by a pawn icon. Apart from certain perks, there are a few ways to earn it during your campaigns:

  • Progression of rival empires on the map – These include border friction, forward-settling, trespassing, cultural clashes, and more. When these occur, a Leverage will be generated on the map and these can be collected akin to curiosities.
    • All units of Diplomatic Affinity civs, including military troops, can pick up Leverage on the map.
    • For non-Diplo Affinity civs, only agents (i.e., Envoy, Spy, and Spymaster) can do that task.
  • Diplomatic Affinity action: Demilitarization – If the units of other empires are within a demilitarized territory, you’ll earn Leverage against them for every turn that they’re located there. This includes the same turn where Demilitarization was activated.
  • Renouncing grievances – If you have a grievance against an empire, you can choose to renounce it to earn Leverage.

Note: These methods tend to be somewhat unreliable. You’re often dependent on how the AI acts. For instance, AI troops tend to move away from DMZs within the same turn, which means you won’t get as much Leverage as you want. It’s also possible for Leverage to spawn within the borders of empires, preventing your own military units from reaching them unless you’ve got an alliance or open borders. As such, even a Diplo Affinity culture will have the same limitation as a non-Diplo civ.

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Embassy screen

The Embassy, meanwhile, is a new building that you can construct in your lands as soon as you meet another civ. Doing so will unlock an additional panel. This is divided into two sections Agreements and Leverage actions:

Agreements are mutually beneficial treaties between two factions with an Embassy. If a civ’s Embassy is destroyed or its city gets captured, then these options will no longer be available:

  • Scientific Correspondence – 10% science cost reduction on techs already researched by empires.
  • Arms Deal – Allows both empires to recruit each other’s unique units.
  • Monumental Contractors – Both empires can participate in building wonders; can receive gold, influence, or Leverage.
  • Diplomatic Cooperation – Grants 50% of the Leverage earned by the empire.
  • Humanitarian Aid – Empires receive +5% food and industry in their capitals for five turns.

Leverage actions, meanwhile, are those that use Leverage as a currency. These take effect upon usage or within the same turn:

  • Placate (Ancient Era) – Target loses -5 war support.
  • Expel Military Forces (Classical Era) – Drives out that nation’s army from your territory (works the same way as having Closed Borders).
  • Diplomatic Ultimatum (Medieval Era) – Press all demands at the same time. If the target rejects your proposal, you’ll go to war. This can be used to gobble up multiple territories in one conflict if you have demands for all of those.
  • Expose Undercover Assets (Early Modern Era) – Reveals all stealthed units.
  • Apply Economic Sanctions (Contemporary Era) – Prevents citizens from trading with the target empire.
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Humankind: Together We Rule is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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