Little BIG Planet’s Sackboy trick or treat’s in Costume Quest 2

Double Fine’s Costume Quest sequel gets a PlayStation exclusive in the form of Little BIG Planet’s Sackboy.

Continuing the adventures form the first game in the now series, Costume Quest 2 finds the intrepid team of trick or treaters out to stop the very anti-Halloween Dr. Orel White from taking a bite out of their favorite holiday. And now they’ll have some burlap-powered help in the form of Sackboy, straight from the Little BIG Planet series of platformers.

Ssackboy is a hidden costume though, so you won’t be able to play as him right off the bat. Instead, he serves as a kind of add-on quest where gamers will have to find all four of his pieces scattered throughout the land. Once found, Sackboy can be assembled to dole out some fabric fists of fury. And by the looks of his Little Big Beatdown attack, that’s just what he’ll be providing.

Costume Quest 2 hits the PS3 and PS4 just before Halloween, on October 28th.

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