Little Hope guide — Dumb ways to die with your characters

Little Hope guide — Dumb ways to die with your characters

Just like Supermassive Games’ previous offerings, Until Dawn and Man of Medan, The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope presents many twists and turns that can lead to character deaths. Here are the dumb ways to die in Little Hope.

Note: For more information about The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope, check out our full Theatrical Cut walkthrough as well as our guides and features hub. Likewise, be forewarned that this article contains major spoilers.


The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope – Dumb ways to die

1972: Clarke family home character deaths

The first few deaths in Little Hope happen during the game’s prologue. A tragic fire engulfs the entire Clarke family’s household and almost everyone is killed.

As far as I know, all the character deaths here are unavoidable since they set the stage for the game’s narrative.

The Dark Pictures Anthology Little Hope Dumb Ways To Die Character Deaths 1a

There is one important factor, though, and that’s Tanya’s demise:

  • Death by hanging – Anthony tells her to climb down the drainpipe. This is the scene from Man of Medan‘s 13th premonition.
  • Death by burning – Anthony tells her to use the window, says nothing, or he attempts to save Megan instead.

The Dark Pictures Anthology Little Hope Dumb Ways To Die Character Deaths 1b

Tanya’s manner of death will coincide with an execution in the 17th century as well as its embodiment in a demon. As such, you could encounter either a burned lady that’s attached to a tree trunk, or a hanging lady that uses her tongue to trap your characters.

The Dark Pictures Anthology Little Hope Dumb Ways To Die Character Deaths 1c

17th-century witch trials character deaths

A vast majority of the deaths that occur in visions of the 17th-century witch trials also seem to be unavoidable as these are plot-related.

Each character gets accused of witchcraft and is subsequently executed.

The Dark Pictures Anthology Little Hope Dumb Ways To Die Character Deaths 2a

Their deaths will mirror those of the Clarke family’s in 1972.

For instance, if Tanya died due to the backdraft and explosion inside the house, she’s executed by being burned at the stake.

The Dark Pictures Anthology Little Hope Dumb Ways To Die Character Deaths 2b

TimelineThe FatherThe MotherThe BrotherThe SisterThe Child
1972James: Crushed by collapsing house.Anne: Asphyxiates from smoke while preparing to take a bath.Dennis: Falls from the roof and is impaled on the fence.Tanya: Dies when her scarf gets entangled and she ends up hanging, or from the fires/explosion.Megan: Burns inside the family home.
17th centuryJoseph: Crushed by stone blocks.Amy: Drowned.David: Falls from the church tower and is impaled on spikes.Tabitha: Either gets hanged or burned at the stake.Mary: Can either be saved or condemned.

The Dark Pictures Anthology Little Hope Dumb Ways To Die Character Deaths 2c

The key difference here is Mary’s fate. Once you reach Little Hope‘s finale, you have a chance at saving her. Alternatively, you can condemn her for witchcraft too.

Your decision here will determine a particular ending you can get.

The Dark Pictures Anthology Little Hope Dumb Ways To Die Character Deaths 2d

Present-day arc character deaths

The deaths of your characters in present-day Little Hope will still mirror those of their “doppelgangers” in other timelines. In fact, they’re chased by their own demons, the manifestations of the cruel executions that took place in the 17th century.

Note: All characters, barring Andrew, can die during the “Full Circle” chapter if you made poor decisions. Depending on character bearings or finale decisions, demons will end up attacking and guaranteeing multiple character deaths in a short span of time. You can learn more in our endings guide as well as our story analysis feature.

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Angela can die in “The Crossing” and “Heavy Burden” chapters. Her demon (the Drowned Woman) spits black liquid into her mouth, filling her lungs with the mysterious substance.

In the “Lost” chapter, Angela will get dragged down to the sewers by her demon. If you can’t escape quickly, she’ll die.

Tdpa Lh Dtxx 2a

Another Little Hope character death can happen if Andrew picked up the gun during the “Off Track” chapter. Once you reach the “Low Point” chapter, Andrew will accidentally shoot her if he pulls out the gun.

Tdpa Lh Dtxx 2b


It’s possible for Daniel to die early in the “Surrounded” chapter if Andrew is unable to rescue him from his demon (Mr. Spikes). He gets impaled through the head.

Daniel can also die in “Ruined.” After he falls down the basement, his demon will attack him. If you miss your QTE prompts, he’ll get impaled.

Tdpa Lh Dtxx 3


I’m unsure of this, but Taylor might die in “Pursued” if she fails to hide or run away from her demon (either the Hanged Lady or the Burned Lady).

This might also happen in “Surrounded” when she’s faced with two choices: going left or going right. Going right reunited me with the group.

Tdpa Lh Dtxx 4a

She could also die in “Reflections.” While she and Daniel are talking, her demon lunges for her. If Daniel isn’t able to save her, or if she can’t escape the demon’s grasp, she’ll end up finished.

Note: Since Tanya’s death in 1972 was due to the explosion, the demon I encountered during my Little Hope playthrough was the Burned Lady. Taylor’s deaths were all related to getting scorched alive.

Tdpa Lh Dtxx 4b


As far as I recall, John’s death can occur during Little Hope‘s “Heavy Burden” chapter. There are multiple QTE prompts here as he attempts to fight off his attacker (the Broken Demon), and failing some key instances lead to his doom.

Tdpa Lh Dtxx 5


I genuinely don’t think it’s possible to kill Andrew at all until the end of Little Hope. You’ll need to ensure that all other characters have died or choose to condemn Mary during the witch trial. The latter causes the demons to attack the group and kill off multiple characters at the end of the game.

It’s revealed that Andrew, Anthony Clarke, and the bus driver are the same person. Since he was unable to save his friends (aka. family), he’ll continue feeling remorse for his actions. If he still has the gun found in “Off Track,” he’ll commit suicide outside the ruins of his family’s home. It’s a very tragic and heart-rending scene, possibly the most impactful out of all the character deaths we’ve seen in Supermassive Games’ previous offerings.

Note 1: While not a character death, Andrew could also end up getting arrested by police. It involves (a) some of the other characters surviving, (b) Andrew no longer having the gun or the gun running out of bullets, and (c) being mean to Vince. For instance, attempting to shoot a “demon” behind Vince during “Surrounded” will make Vince think that Andrew is unhinged.

Note 2: You can learn more about Little Hope‘s character deaths in our endings guide. You can also find out more about the narrative arcs and the Andover Witch Trials that inspired the game in our story analysis.

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The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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