Looking forward to Space Hulk: Ascension? Check out the new dev diary just released

Full Control’s digital board game didn’t do it for you? Then you might be a heck of a to more interested in Space Hulk: Ascension, which is less a digital conversion of the actual tabletop game and more a full-on turn-based, RPG.

So that’s a little look behind the curtain for what’s happening with the latest game to brandish the ‘Space Hulk’ name. I have fond memories of the PC original and the 3DO edition of the game (remember that one?), so I’m pretty optimistic about developer Full Control’s latest crack at Games Workshop’s classic board game.

Space Hulk: Ascension is scheduled to be a pretty big game too with 103 “unique missions” and three chapters in total. The developer is promising tons of different Genestealers to battle as well, plenty of weapons to use, and a playtime of 50 to 100 hours, which is pretty lengthy. They’re stressing that this is a complete reworking of the classic tabletop game that you probably know and love too. It’s definitely still Space Hulk, as all the elements are right there in the video, but actually adapted to a more video game-y style than the last one was, since again- that was basically just an adaptation of the board game.

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Crossing my fingers on this one, Space Hulk: Ascension doesn’t have a release date as of yet, but is so far scheduled to arrive on the PC, Mac and Linux platforms.

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