Lost Ark guide: Currencies, Tokens, and Collectibles

Lost Ark guide: Currencies, Tokens, and Collectibles

Lost Ark has a lot of different currencies, far more than your average game. It can be tough to work out where you get each one. And once you have them, you may not even know what to do with them. So, I’ve put together this handy guide to help you keep your Lost Ark currencies in check.

Almost all the currencies in Lost Ark can be earned by playing the game. In fact, only one can only be acquired through the cash shop. There is another that is primarily attained through the cash shop, but it can also be earned from in-game events.


The basic currencies

The most common currency in the game is Silver. You’ll get it from killing enemies, finishing quests, selling items to NPCs, and completing plenty more in-game actions. Silver is used for your common transactions like traveling via Triport, buying items from NPCs, rerolling stats on items, repairing gear, and more. You will accumulate millions of Silver in Lost Ark, but don’t be fooled into thinking you’re wealthy. It is incredibly expensive to do things like reroll a gem. If you’re looking to farm Silver, Chaos and Cube dungeons are your best source.

Where there is Silver there is Gold. And Gold is a lot more valuable than Silver. You will use this currency to upgrade items and trade with other players — two major components of the endgame. Gold can also be used to buy Crystals, which we will talk about next. The most common way to get Gold is through weekly dungeons and raids. You can also get Gold from island events.

Crystals are the currency used to buy things from the Lost Ark store without spending real-world money. They can also be used to purchase Pheons – we’ll get to these shortly. You can earn them from logging into the game, as well as from a range of in-game activities. You can also purchase them from the store if you are happy to drop some real-world cash. Alternatively, you can buy Crystals for Gold from currency exchangers.

Royal Crystals are the premium currency of Lost Ark. You can only get these valuable gemstones by converting your Earth cash into them. You can use Royal Crystals in the in-game store to purchase Crystals, Gold, cosmetics, cute and useful pets, mounts, and some convenient services like the Crystalline Aura.

Lost Ark Crystals And Royal Crystals

The more specific currencies

I wouldn’t consider Phoenix Plumes a currency, but they are listed in your Currency Inventory. So, let’s quickly run through them. Phoenix Plumes are basically a free life. When you die, you can consume one to come back to life where your corpse lies. If you choose not to use one, you will respawn at the nearest Triport. You receive plenty of Phoenix Plumes as you play through the game’s narrative. However, you stop getting Plumes as often once you reach the end of the game. At this point, you will slowly run out — don’t waste them. You can acquire more Phoenix Plumes with Crystals from the in-game store.

If you want to purchase items on the Auction House, you’ll need to use Pheons to place a bid. This currency’s lone purpose is to give players access to the Auction House. And you can only get it from the Lost Ark store using Crystals or Royal Crystals. Occasionally, you can get Pheons from in-game events, but don’t rely on these.

Pirate Coins are the currency of ocean travelers. You will use and earn these through numerous ship-related activities. Visiting islands, completing events at sea, and dispatching your ships from your Stronghold are all ways to earn Pirate Coins. You can use Pirate Coins to upgrade your ships, hire crew members, acquire materials to upgrade your gear, and purchase a bunch of collectibles like emotes and songs.

Tokens to trade

Sylmael Bloodstones are the guild currency. They are earned by donating to your guild. You can exchange Bloodstones for numerous rewards, like Silver boxes, gear upgrade materials, and a bunch more useful items that help you progress your character.

Lost Ark Sylmael Bloodstones And Guild Donations

Providence Stones are a currency you earn constantly throughout Lost Ark’s story. You’ll notice the little heart-shaped items dropping with many quests, as well as when you kill certain enemies marked with an orange outline. You can use this currency to purchase Rapport items from NPCs around Arkesia.

I’ll group the Voyage Coins into one explanation because they all work the same way. They are just different tiers of the same system, with Givena being the lowest tier, then Kratos, Arctus, Ancient, and finally Solar. The Coins are earned for completing events on the seas. You can find the events by opening your calendar (once you reach level 50) and clicking on the Voyage tab. Voyage Coins can be traded for Pirate Coins, which you read about above. You can also use them to unlock a bunch of cosmetics and collectibles.

But wait, there’s more

Those are all the currencies and tokens listed in your Lost Ark Currency Inventory. However, there are a bunch more to discover as you progress in the game. The first of those being Seals obtained through Station missions in your Stronghold. You can then use the three different Seals (Raid, Victory, and Adventurer’s) to purchase materials and upgrades for your Stronghold. You can also use them to purchase a range of goods from the traveling merchants who visit your Stronghold.

Lost Ark Stronghold Seals

You can also exchange Collectibles for rewards from specific NPCs around Arkesia. Every Lost Ark player will be familiar with Mokoko Seeds, but you may not know why you’re gathering these little fruits. If you open your Collectibles page (the default shortcut key is Alt+L), you can see all the Collectibles, as well as the rewards you can obtain for each. And there are some very nice ones.

Lost Ark Collectibles

In Lost Ark, you also earn currencies from numerous endgame activities like Chaos Dungeons, Abyssal Dungeons, Guardian Raids, Una’s Tasks, and PvP battles. Their NPC traders can be found around major towns like Luterra Castle. You can trade the Tokens you receive from these activities for items to upgrade your gear. And there will be plenty more to come as new content arrives in the Western version of Lost Ark.

If you need any more assistance with Lost Ark, feel free to check out my beginner’s guide, my guide to Life Skills, and my guide to choosing the right class for your playstyle.

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