Lovecraft’s Untold Stories awakens on PC tomorrow

There are no shortage of Lovecraft-infused games out there, though Lovecraft’s Untold Stories offers something new with a retro-ish romp.

Untold horrors

Not strictly a “retro game”, Lovecraft’s Untold Stories is nonetheless pretty retro in look. It reminds me of a game somewhere in between the SNES and PSOne in looks. That’s a god thing, by the way.

In addition to the old school looks, Lovecraft’s Untold Stories offers a rouge-lite style of play. So it’s different every time you fire it up. Though some things will remain as you play through the quest, since it also features some “RPG elements”.

The title is no lightweight either. Playing as 1 of 5 characters, Blini Games says you’ll encounter all manner of beasts and ghouls from the deep Lovecraftian mythos.

And yes, there’s your sanity to worry about too. As with most Lovecraft games, keeping yourself sane will be of the utmost import. Let your sanity drift too much, and your character will actually kill him/herself to “escape the horror”.

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Horror there will be too, with the who gang of ancient gods included. “Great Cthulhu, Nyarlathotep, Dagon, Shub-Niggurath, and Azathoth await you in special levels”.

Looking pretty slick so far, Lovecraft’s Untold Stories will land on the PC tomorrow, January 31st. It’ll run you $14.99 USD.

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