Magic: Legends reveals new radiant Sanctifier class

Magic: Legends reveals new radiant Sanctifier class

Magic: The Gathering’s foray into the world of online action-RPGs, Magic: Legends, has officially revealed the Sanctifier class will be one of the five available at launch. The reveal has a collection of images showcasing the gleaming Sanctifier’s design, as well as some gameplay footage that gives you a look at its brilliant abilities in action.

The Sanctifier is the fourth starting class that has been revealed by Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios. It joins the Geomancer, Mind Mage, and Beastcaller in the Planeswalker’s arsenal. The Sanctifier embodies the sun’s fiery brilliance and strictly adheres to the regimented structure and celestial focus associated with Magic: The Gathering’s white mana.

Magic Legends Sanctifier Class

In Magic: Legends, the Sanctifier class fulfills the support role, but in a more refreshing way than the classic dedicated support. The Sanctifier may be a healer, but it’s not dependent on its allies in battle. The class can hold its own by smiting enemies from range, while also healing allies. If you like to bring order to the battlefield, the Sanctifier is the class you’re after.

Magic: Legends Sanctifier abilities and gameplay

The radiant Sanctifier relies on three powerful abilities in battle. Divine Bolt is a primary attack that launches long-range bolts of searing light at your enemies. You can use it to deal damage while maintaining a safe distance from your foes.

Wave of Radiance is the Sanctifier’s secondary ability. It sends out a wave of brilliant light to damage enemies. At higher levels, Wave of Radiance also heals allies and summons.

Magic Legends Sanctifier Abilities

The Sanctifier’s utility ability, Salvation, has a unique stacking mechanic that makes the healer a force to be reckoned with. Every time Salvation is used, you regenerate health, heal your summons, and gain a stack of Devotion. When you reach four stacks of Devotion, an Angel is called to fight alongside you. The Angel has Lifelink, which means its attacks will restore health to the Sanctifier.

You can also check out all of the class abilities in action in the Magic: Legends Sanctifier gameplay video below. It is alpha footage, so a lot my change by the time the game launches in 2021.

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