Magic spells guide — The best spells for combat

Magic spells guide -- The best spells for combat

King’s Bounty II has several spells that are part of schools of magic. To learn them, you’ll need to acquire the relevant scroll. Then, press “B” to open your spellbook and spend some mana. Upgrading them also costs mana, but you also need the required Finesse talents and Arcane Knowledge stat. Here’s our King’s Bounty II magic spells guide to help you with the best options to upgrade and use in combat.

Note: For more information, check out our King’s Bounty II guides and features hub. We also have a beginner’s guide to get you started with the basic mechanics and combat system.


King’s Bounty II magic spells guide – The best spells to upgrade and use in combat

The magic spells in King’s Bounty II belong to several categories or schools:

  • Death and Darkness
  • Air and Fire
  • Life and Light
  • Earth and Ice
  • Wayfaring Magic – Unlike the previous categories, Wayfaring Magic refers to scrolls that can be used outside of battle to confer boons to your hero or units. Examples include gaining additional XP, a morale boost for units, and even a summon that adds units to your roster. Some effects (i.e., summons) are instant while others are temporary.

Note 1: You could wear gear pieces and obtain the “Ancient Languages” Finesse talent to increase your Arcane Knowledge stat. If you go below the required stat value, the spell won’t be usable and you won’t be able to downgrade either. Likewise, the Arcane Knowledge stat determines the amount of mana you’ll have during combat.

Note 2: The Magic Power stat, meanwhile, determines the damage dealt by your spells, as well as the boosted duration for damage-over-time or periodic effects.

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Rather than list all the spells in King’s Bounty II, I’ll simply provide suggestions:

  • “Earth and Ice: Magic Shackles” – This prevents a unit from using an active ability. If you get to go first during combat, you can cast this on Knights, Death Knights, Hollow Blades, and the like to prevent them from using “Taunt.” Alternatively, Royal Mages and Dark Adepts are able to cast this as well.
  • “Light and Life: Resurrection” – Select a unit to fully revive all its dead soldiers.

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  • “Air and Fire: Haste” or “Air and Fire: Portal” – These improve your movement range. Portal is ridiculous since you can make strong ranged units teleport anywhere so they can have line of sight on a target quickly.
  • “Air and Fire: Burning Touch,” “Earth and Ice: Frostblade,” and “Life and Light: Celestial Fire” – These spells add +30% elemental damage on top of your units’ attacks and abilities. They also stack. If you have the Fire Sword, Talisman of Fire, and Summoner of the Elements, you can gain even bigger boosts to your fire damage.

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King’s Bounty II is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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