Magrunner attracted to consoles this week

October 24, 2013
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Out now on the PS3 and coming to Xbox Live tomorrow, Magrunner is like Portal all mixed up with Cthulhu. With magnets.

In the near future of 2048, a handful of young and brilliant citizens are hand-picked by the Gruckezber Corporation to join ‘Magtech’, an elite space research training program. Equipped with a glove using Gruckezber technology, the 7 candidates in the program have to make their way through a maze of increasingly spectacular rooms by magnetically charging various items and elements in the environment that will either attract or repel. What initially appears to be the chance of a lifetime quickly turns into a living nightmare where they must survive in a high-tech world that has spiraled out of control. This descent into hell is perfectly illustrated in this launch trailer.

Developer Frogwares’ Magrunner has been out for a while on the PC, but is only now arriving to consume the souls of consoles everywhere. We took a look at the game earlier this year and loved the aesthetic as well as the inventive puzzle mechanics that riff on Portal, but aren’t quite the copy that you might expect.

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Magrunner: Dark Pulse is available right now on the PSN and will post to Xbox Live tomorrow.

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