Magrunner attracts new screens and info

A puzzle/action game with Cthulhu? Yeah, that’s Magrunner: Dark Pulse, and it’s looking very interesting indeed.

Magrunner takes place in a training facility (sound familiar?) where the main character Dax is completing his training with the Magtech equipment- hi-tech stuff that allows the user to attract or repel things in his/her environment. Things get a little further away from familiar first-person puzzling ground though when rips start to open up in the training course after an earthquake.

And just where do these rips lead? Yup, Cthulhu-laden horror land.

Being on the run as terrors from beyond chase after you while trying to solve physics puzzles just sounds awesome to me. It’ll be interesting to see how developer Frogwares (who have a history with ol’ tentacle-face) manage the fast action with thoughtful puzzles dichotomy. Magrunner has a ton of possibility and is definitely one to watch just for the originality of what Frogwares is putting together. It kind of feels like it might be an interactive Lovecraftian tale, and that would be very, very cool indeed.

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Keep an eye out for it because Magrunner: Dark Pulse will be attracting itself to Xbox Live, the PSN and the PC some time this year.

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