Things are about to get Savage for Spider-Man in 2022, and Marvel Comics has seen fit to debut two new images starring the mutated hero.


If you missed the news, Savage Spider-Man is coming in February, 2022. It’s going to be a wild one too, as it sees Peter Parker once again mutating into a beastly form. Yes, that’s happened before, but this time around it’s looking a little different.

Writer Joe Kelly is heading up the new title, which is a spin-off from his Non-Stop Spider-Man book. In it, he teams with artist Gerardo Sandoval.

“What happens when Spider-Man loses all those things that make him a hero – his heart, his spirit, his mind? What’s left? That’s where we are left after the Immaculatum and Zemo had their way with Spidey in Non-Stop: a Spider moving on anger and instinct,” Kelly said. “This chapter of the saga takes us to these places with Peter… I just hope there’s something left in there to pull him back out.”

Joe Kelly

This week’s announcements for the book include the pair of variant covers you see above, both for that first issue. They’re looking pretty slick too, with both coming from classic Marvel art talent.

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