Marci from the Dragon’s Blood show is joining Dota 2 this Fall

Marci from the Dragon's Blood show is joining Dota 2 this Fall

Dota: Dragon’s Blood debuted on Netflix in March of this year and has been fairly well received by both the media and (at least some of) the series’ ardent fans. Its animation was handled by Studio Mir, the same folks responsible for The Legend of Korra. The series focuses on the Dragon Knight Davion, as he and Princess Mirana embark on a journey to stop an evil being from killing dragons and stealing their souls. Several key characters are already playable in Dota 2, namely Davion himself, Mirana, Luna, and Carl. But they’re about to be joined by none other than Mirana’s silent bodyguard, Marci, who is coming to Dota 2 soon.

Valve announced this by dropping a new trailer that opens with Marci kicking all kinds of ass in fluid 2D animation courtesy of Studio Mir. After a bit, though, her 3D character model is revealed, as she’ll continue the fight in Dota 2 proper in an upcoming update. There’s no word on when exactly this update will launch, but the video makes it known that she’s due “this fall.” So, we’ll see her show up in the game before the end of the year. It might be kind of awkward pitting her against Mirana, though. Maybe they’ll handle that like Sanji and women in One Piece.


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Marci is joining Dota 2 this Fall

Dota 2 launched in March of 2013, so it’s about to hit its 9-year anniversary. The first game was famously a community-created mod for Warcraft III that was so beloved that Icefrog, the mod’s creator, was given a job at Valve and helped create Dota 2. The game received an extremely positive reception, and has continued to be incredibly popular since its inception.

At the time of writing, it’s currently the third most-played game on Steam with just under 400,000 active players. It’s bested only by New World and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Pretty phenomenal for something that started as a mod, isn’t it?

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