Marvel announces Age of Ultron

The classic Avengers villain takes center stage in 2013’s all-star, giant sized, world ending Marvel crossover.

In a somewhat surprise announcement yesterday, Marvel Comics and writer Brian Michael Bendis pulled the wraps off of Age of Ultron. It’s not a surprise because the storyline has actually been hinted at for some time, but what was relatively unexpected was that it was finally unleashed.

The ten issue series is planned to start in March of next year and run through June and most definitely will be a game changer for the publisher’s somewhat restarted Marvel NOW! Universe. According to Comic Book Resources the story will see Ultron return in a new, better than ever form with one singular goal- wipe humanity off the map.

From the sound of things, there might be some major shake-ups going down in AoU. Among the more interesting tidbits from the ‘unveiling’: the book starts out with the robotic Ultron well on his (its?) way to victory, seems to feature Hawkeye in a major role, will still feature Peter Parker as Spider-Man (it’s still up in the air what’ll be happening to him post Amazing Spidey #700), and may or may not see the demise of some major Marvel characters.

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So you know, no big deal.

Source: CBR

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