Marvel details publishing slate with All-New, All-Different books

Ready for the All-New, All-Different Marvel Universe?

Marvel Comics has officially detailed the full line of stuff that they’ll have on the racks this Fall, including a bunch of new books and a few relaunches, they’ll see a pretty well-rounded Marvel U emerge.

Of course, all this is happening in the wake of Secret Wars, the crossover event that’s currently seen the MU shattered and ripped to shreds, with the multiverse (including universe 616) collapsing into just one patchwork planet called Battleworld. And all of that is situated directly under the thumb of the god-king Victor Von Doom.

Once that all comes to a close though, there’ll be a brand new Marvel reality born, and these comics are the result. Some of what you’ll see in the gallery below is very familiar, and some is all-new. Most of the characters that are headlining though, are tried and true, though some are being presented in new ways, like that oddly 007-looking Spider-Man. That’s a weird one.

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Anyway, have a peek:

A few picks right off the bat; I’m definitely interested in that new take on Spidey (but then I’m always interested in Spider-Man stuff), all the new X-Books, and that new (looks like a back to basics) look for Iron Man. There’s a lot of different riffs on some characters there though, so even if you’re into the traditional version of a Marvel character, you might dig what’s happening here.

Also, it’s important to note that while you might see some books that look like they’re in the ‘Ultimate’ universe, they’re not. All the multiverse planes of existence are under the 616 reality (the main Marvel U) banner now. So yes, Miles Morales is a Spider-Man in mainstream Marvel now, and the Ultimates are a team that you’ll be seeing in the mix with characters like the Avengers and X-Men.

Looking good so far (I’m just happy Wolverine is back in some form). The All-New, All-Different Marvel Universe arrives in stores and on the Marvel App this Fall.

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