Marvel publishes Infinity “circuit” so fans can tell who’s who in the event

Infinity is Marvel Comics’ big event for this spring/summer. And if you’ve been having trouble keeping up with who’s who and which stones they’ll wield, then you’ll be happy to see the Infinity Circuit.

Can’t tell a mutant from a Skrull without a scorecard

Infinity gem stone stories used to be easy to follow. Thanos was usually the bad guy, and Marvel’s cosmic array of heroes were usually in there somewhere fighting him. Things’ve changed though. Now the stones are spread out among a cadre of different characters. So Marvel has produced a little “scorecard” called the Infinity Circuit.

Presumably, the Circuit will be updated as more characters are revealed (though we kind of know all of them already), but as of now it looks a little something like this:

Wait… how is the Power Stone the size of a house? Thanks had all of them mounted on the Gauntlet. I feel like I have no idea what’s going on anymore in the Marvel U.

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Whatever the case with continuity issues, three of the stones owners have been officially unveiled. Well four if you count good-guy-Thanos (ah, there he is). Who are the rest? Well we’ve seen Super Skrull and some others in the promotional material, but then again we saw Captain Marvel with a stone too. And according to the Circuit, she doesn’t have that anymore. So it could be that some of the bearers are going to be a little shaken up.

The above poster, by the way, will be available in comics shops right along with Infinity Countdown #1. So if you’d rather have a hardcopy instead of a download, make sure to be on the lookout on March the 7th.

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