Marvel releases an X-Men ResurrXion trailer with a very familiar theme

The X-Men are most definitely back, and poised to make a major impact within the Marvel U once more. Along with a peek at the 10 new comics in the line, this new trailer resurrects a very familiar theme.

X-Men, resurrected

Yep, that was the theme music from the classic Marvel Comics animated X-Men series. And yes, that’s awesome in a few different ways. The X-Men cartoon from the 90s was, in many ways, a landmark show. Aside from introducing many fans to the property, it also showcased arguably the most iconic lineup of X-Men ever, and played off of the sensibilities of the 80s/90s versions of those heroes and villains. I make no bones about it personally, those are the teams that I will always think of when I see something X-Men related. Claremont and Lee? Yes please.

Since then of course, there’ve been a whole mess of ups and downs for the team, and really mutants in general in the Marvel U. It wasn’t all that long ago that some fans (me included) assumed that Marvel was phasing out X all together, since parent company Disney reportedly isn’t all that happy that Fox owns the movie rights to the set of characters.

If you go by this trailer though, it certainly seems as though Marvel has listened to the army of fans that the X-Men still have. And with ten new comics bearing the brand (most of which look great), it seems as thought he mutant populace of the Marvel Universe is here to stay once more.

And I couldn’t be happier. Watch for the X-Men (and Inhuman) ResurreXion to hit next month, with the first wave of new books.

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