Marvel ties all their crossovers and universes together in 2015

Ready for Battleworld and The Secret Wars?

2015 is going to be an epic one for comic fans, with a bunch of big stuff from the big two that just might be universe changing. As for Marvel’s contribution to that year of tribulation, it’s most definitely going to be The Secret Wars.

Itself a re-visitation of a crossover even book from the past, The Secret Wars will be bringing together different realities in a brawl for it all, as each one makes up its own country on a sphere called Battleworld. If that name rings a bell, it’s probably because Battleworld is the same name as the planet that Marvel’s heroes and villains fought on away back in the original Secret Wars mini-series back in the mid-80s.

Does this mean that the ridiculously powerful cosmic entity known as the Beyonder (the main villain from that series) is involved too? Maybe. But it might mean a lot more than just that. If the Beyonder is involved, then he’s upped the ante this time around. Here in The Secret Wars he’s not just capturing different heroes and villains, but scooping up swaths of entirely different realities, and then melding them all together to make a new Battleworld.

And with different realities (and time periods really) crossing over with each other, this Secret War might just have some massive repercussions for Marvel’s Universe on the whole. Stay tuned, we’ll have lots more as it develops.

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