Marvel’s Digital First plans include Cosmic Ghost Rider, Valkyrie

Yes, Marvel comics are back in stores at this point, and the publisher has a full slate coming up. But don’t forget about those Digital First offerings.

Virtual comics

Digital comics are kind of an acquired taste. Maybe that sounds odd to someone who’s only a casual fan, or not a fan at all, but it’s been true from what I’ve seen.

Comic books have a particular ‘feel’ to them, and holding one in your hands while reading it is almost half the experience. Downloading it instead, or reading it in an app, strips all that away. For some fans that’s an issue (no pun intended).

On the flip side though, for some fans it’s the future of the medium. That’s especially true for those who don’t have local comics shops anymore. Or even for those don’t particularly want to have volumes of books on hand in their real-world space.

So even though Marvel Comics has returned to stores in this semi-post-pandemic world, they’ve still got a somewhat healthy slate of Digital First comics scheduled to arrive. The publisher announced that news today, listing a number of new titles that will hit their online storefront and app through June and into July.

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Those include:

Wednesday, June 3:

Wednesday, June 17:

Wednesday, July 1:

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