Marvel’s First Family gets the “Life Story” treatment in new mini

Marvel’s First Family gets the “Life Story” treatment in new mini

The Fantastic Four are one of the greatest superhero teams in Marvel history, and now they’re getting their own Life Story in a new miniseries.

Four lives

You might be wondering what that headline means, but it’s pretty simple. Marvel’s latest announcement is a followup to the Spider-Man: Life Story miniseries from writer Chip Zdarsky and artist Mark Bagley.

That series told the life story of Spider-Man, as though he was a real man, with a real-world accounting of time. So he actually aged throughout it, growing from the teen Spidey into the webbed-wonder that we all know, and then into a later stage of his life. And all of that was set against major Spider-Man happenings from each decade, as well as real-world events.

Cover art by Daniel Acuña

Cool idea, huh? Well Marvel apparently thought so too, since it’s now rolling forward into Fantastic Four: Life Story. The new series from writer Mark Russell and artist Sean Izaakse will dive deep into 60 years of FF continuity to tell its chronological tale.

 FANTASTIC FOUR: LIFE STORY #1 will take place in the “Swinging Sixties” when Reed, Ben, Sue, and Johnny took that fateful journey to space that changed the face of comic book storytelling forever. Against the backdrop of the Cold War and the Space Race, a terrible accident occurs that gives them great powers and a terrible secret, entangling them in Earth’s history forever as they transform into the world’s premiere super hero team.

Marvel Comics

Fantastic Four: Life Story will kick off with issue #1 in May 2021.

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