Marvel’s latest line-wide variant push stars the

A total of 13 variant covers are coming to Marvel Comics’ line this January. It’s to celebrate the all-new Guardians of the Galaxy lineup.

Guardians of the alt-covers

If you’re out of the loop, Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw are relaunching Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy this January. The book stars a mostly new lineup of cosmic heroes, as the Guardians see a near-total rebirth post Infinity Wars.

It’s kind of a big deal, since the GotG have become a force in the Marvel U over the last few years. That, of course, is due to the movies of the same name, which have been runaway hits. Not that the books have anything to do with the films. I say that just to give you an idea of how important the Guardians are at this point.

As such, the publisher is producing 13 alternate covers for their bigger books to celebrate the return of the team. As usual, these are covers only, and the interior content won’t feature the Guardians.

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Expect the below slate of titles to arrive throughout the month:

  1. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #14 by Gerald Parel
  2. AVENGERS #13 by Patrick Zircher with colors by Jason Keith
  3. BLACK PANTHER #8 by Jamal Campbell
  4. DEADPOOL #8 by Jamal Campbell
  5. DOCTOR STRANGE #10 by Will Sliney with colors by Frank D’Armata
  6. FANTASTIC FOUR #6 by Pasqual Ferry
  7. GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #1 by Ron Lim with colors by Israel Silva
  8. IMMORTAL HULK #12 by Geoff Shaw
  9. SPIDER-GWEN: GHOST SPIDER #4 by Bobby Rubio
  10. SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #2 by Mike McKone with colors by Jesus Aburtov
  11. UNCANNY X-MEN #8 by David Marquez
  12. X-23 #8 by Dale Keown
  13. X-FORCE #2 by Ema Lupacchino

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