Massive Age of Ultron connectable poster coming to Marvel’s Avengers books in April

Remember that awesome poster with all the movie Avengers fighting the Ultron army from SDCC last year? Well now you’ll be able to take a copy home on the cover of Avengers #44 and New Avengers #33, as well as a bundle of variant covers for Avengers: Ultron Forever #1.

More Ultron for everyone! Yes, the metallic baddie is a mainstay in the Marvel U as of late, and since he’s about to star as the main villain in the second big-screen Avengers flick, he’s not about to go anywhere either. Not that that’s a terrible thing, especially since we’re getting some cool stuff like this inter-connected cover set, , which’ll be hitting stores in April.

All in all, the covers will run through Avengers #44 and New Avengers #33, with the remainder of the images being spread out across variant covers for Avengers: Ultron Forever #1.

“These epic posters were really the hit of last year’s San Diego Comic-Con,” says Marvel SVP Sales & Marketing David Gabriel. “We’re glad that fans who attended the convention were able to get their hands on them but we’re even more excited to bring thousands of fans who may have missed this stunning image.”

All the books in question will be on the racks in April, as Marvel heads right into the universe-shattering (and maybe ending? *cough*rebooting*) Secret Wars event book.

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