Master of magnetism

Marvel teases the Trial of Magneto

Looks like not everything is rosy in mutant-land. Marvel Comics is teasing a new X-Men event for later this year, as Magneto will find himself in trouble.

Master of magnetism

No X-Men character has moved back and forth between anti-hero and villas as much as Magneto has. I think that’s pretty fair to say, and it look like it’ll once more be the case, as Magneto will be on “trial” this summer.

Of course, it’s hard to say what that means exactly, since it’s likely that Marvel Comics is teasing some kind of trial on Krakoa. That, if you don’t know, is the new mutant ‘homeland’, created in the wake of Powers/House of X.

Cover art from John Romita Jr.

Since Krakoa has emerged once again (it was the setting for the iconic Giant Sized X-Men #1), it’s been host to all of the Earth’s mutants. And I mean “all”, including all the villains. Somehow, everyone magically gets along now… or at least, it appears that way.

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Could this trial signal the end of a mini-era? It’d be fitting if it did, since it’d be Magneto who brought about its end. Who better? Then again, it could be something completely different. This is all speculation on my part, though I still find it tough to accept that Mr.Sinister could happily inhabit the same island as Cyclops and Jean Grey.

In any event, you’ll be finding out much more about the Trial of Magneto next week, when Marvel gully takes the wraps off.

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