McFarlane debuts initial 5 PoA, 3″ DC Page Punchers lineup

McFarlane debuts initial 5 PoA, 3″ DC Page Punchers lineup

There’s a whole new DC Comics-based series of action figures coming up from McFarlane Toys, this time complete with packed-in comics.

Old school

By now every DC Comics fan knows all about the action figures coming out of McFarlane Toys. The company first debuted its Multiverse series at Toy Fair a few years ago, and the line has gotten better and better since.

Now with Multiverse in full-swing, McFarlane has something else readied. Something a little smaller, with a little less articulation, and 100% more packed-in comics.

Page Punchers is loaded up with all the biggest DC Comics heroes and villains, but gives them to fans in a 3″ form-factor, with 5 points of articulation. And as mentioned too, each includes a comic book. Each figure is paired with a notable book reflecting his deco too, a neat little detail.

Wave 1 includes:

Look for Page Punchers to start shipping August 2022, with each priced in at $9.99 USD. Hit the links above to check them out via our sponsors at Entertainment Earth.

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