McFarlane’s Dark Knight Returns wave is up for pre-order

McFarlane’s Dark Knight Returns wave is up for pre-order

Ready to be secured for your Batman collection is McFarlane Toys’ Dark Knight Returns wave of DC multiverse figures. And it comes with a horse.


Building bears is so last year, as McFarlane Toys has moved on to building another kind of gigantic animal – horses. But of course, we’re not talking about just any horse here, we’re talking about Batman’s own jet-black stallion from The Dark Knight Returns.

The latest wave of DC Comics action figures from McFarlane Toys is all about that classic Frank Miller story, and includes the heavy hitters from its pages. Included is Batman himself, as well as Joker, Robin, and Superman.

Each figure sports “up to” 22 points of articulation, as well as comic-accurate styling and sculpts. As with all of the other DC figures from the company too, they’re all in the 7″ scale, though they definitely won’t blend into the series on the whole. These are crafted to look like the very particular art of Miller, so they’re chunky and all-together massive figures. And speaking of, that horse looks to be a monster.

All of the above are scheduled to ship in December of this year, so you won’t have long to wait if you pre-order. They’re all priced in at $24.99 USD each, and can be ordered via most internet toy shops, including McFarlane’s own.

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