Meet Murdered: Soul Suspect’s Bell Killer in the game’s new trailer

The Bell Killer stalks the streets of Salem, and has claimed the life of Murdered: Soul Suspect’s main character Ronan O’Connor. Now it’s time to bring him to justice from beyond the grave…

The gist of the trailer, in case it’s not crystal clear, is that now that Ronan is a spirit himself, he’s out to find who pulled the trigger on him. This all leads to the fact that there’s a serial killer on the loose, a man that the police have dubbed the Bell Killer. Bell and the man who shot Ronan are one in the same and hunting him down from the afterlife is the final case in the police detective’s file.

There’s a decent amount to like about Soul Suspect, not the least of which is the fact that you’re actually playing as a ghost. Unlike the classic movie about a specter out to solve his own murder though, it looks like there’s a much heftier dose of horror themes in Murdered: Soul Suspect, and even a good deal of action.

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One to watch out for, Murdered: Soul Suspect releases for the Xbox One/360, PS4/3, and PC this June from Square Enix and developer Airtight Games.

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