Meet the all-new voice cast of King’s Quest

Developer The Odd Gentlemen has put quite the cast together for their new King’s Quest title, complete with genre vets, a few voices that you will recognize from cartoon history and, oh yeah, Christopher Lloyd.

Not too shabby guys and gals, not too shabby at all. I wasn’t the biggest King’s Quest fan growing up, but this new version is looking mighty spiffy, and sounding it too thanks to this terrific cast of actors. Lloyd you probably know right away, but chances are that you also know the work of young King Graham himself- Josh Keaton, who’s starred as Peter Parker in The Spectacular Spider-Man TV series and Valerian Mengsk in Blizzard’s StarCraft II.

And joining them, are Maggie Elizabeth Jones as Graham’s Granddaughter, Wallace Shawn, Tom Kenny, and Zelda Williams, all in major roles. Also a part of the cast are Michael Benyaer, Loretta Devine, Gideon Emery, Jean Gilpin, Michael Gough, Andy Pessoa, Kevin Michael Richardson, Kath Soucie, Fred Tatasciore, Richard White and Michael-Leon Wooley. Whew…

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Cast and all, the first chapter of King’s Quest lands on the PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and the PC later this year.

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