Meet The Vault Hunters Of Borderlands 3

As Borderlands 3 is just a little more than a month away, Gearbox Software has released a series of videos providing a little insight into the new vault hunters.

Meet The Vault Hunters of BL3

This is an eclectic group of individuals. As always, there is a Siren, named Amara. Who is rather famous on the planet of Pandora and she is always up for a fight.

Next up we have a robotic vault hunter who has found a way to tame the creatures of Pandora. FL4K’s intentions are a little less-known, but it likes to bring its posse of exotic creatures out to hunt. The bandits of Pandora better watch out.

Poor ol’ Moze. She was tricked into mission that would have seen her perish, but lucky for her, she was able to escape with her best friend, the Iron Bear mech. Now Moze and Iron Bear are an army of one roaming the wastelands of Pandora, as Moze takes care of Iron Bear and Iron Bear takes care of Moze.

Last, but certainly not least, is Zane. A ruffian who never says no to a bounty, this “old man” likes to make a ruckus with his gadgets. This lone wolf and his arsenal of machinery gives Zane an advantage against the lowlife bandits.

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