Memoria trailer points and clicks its way online

Old school is the phrase of the day when you’re talking about Memoria, an adventure game in the classic puzzle-solving mold, Daedalic’s latest looks like a hand-drawn gem of a throwback.

Memoria is set in the world gamers first met in 2012’s Chains of Satinav. Past and present collide in the life of a young fowler who must solve a great historical mystery in order to rescue the woman he loves. The fate of a great warrior princess was lost to the ages and now the player must guide our story’s hero in rediscovering what has been forgotten.

The ‘adventure game’ genre doesn’t get any more classic than that. Hand-drawn visuals, point and click gameplay and a puzzle heavy tale. That’s very much what the landscape in the genre used to look like. As of late, adventure games have been evolving out of the box as it were, but developer Daedalic Entertainment is going back to the source with this one. Honestly, it’s kind of nice to see as a fan of the genre from it’s earliest days in the late ’80s.

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Memoria kind of reminds me of one of those Lucasarts titles from days gone by for some reason too… might be the art style. The game hits the PC this Thursday.

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