Metro: Last Light comes to Linux and Mac

4A Games’ excellent Metro followup is headed to Linux and Mac soon.

The sequel to Metro 2033, Last Light was like a breath of fresh air when it debuted for consoles and the PC earlier this year. A story about survival more than anything else, Metro follows the novels of the same name and features the last remaining humans who’ve built a new civilization under the ashes of a nuked Moscow.

As a narrative, Last Light is packed with a great plot, excellent characters and a very unique universe that they inhabit. And now that world is expanding thanks to Metro: Last Light heading over to the Mac App Store and Steam for Mac and Linux.

The new version of the game will see the exact same updates as the console and Windows PC  versions too, so no short changing here. Both the Faction and Tower DLC  packs will be available for the Mac release, while the upcoming Developer and Chronicles packs will be released on Steam and the App Store- right alongside the PC and console editions.

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