Metro: Last Light hits Steam for the Mac today

Mac gamers now have a dedicated Steam version for their preferred platform all ready for download. App Store edition? That’s on the way.

The Mac version of the Steam-held Metro: Last Light will support Steam Play, which is nice. That basically means that if you own the game for PC, you get the Mac (and later, the Linux) version for free. Vice-versa applies here too, so if you buy for the Mac, you’ll get to play on your PC as well.

Last Light for the Mac and Linux, which is on the way, will also get all of the DLC from the PC edition – all of which is available right now at Mac-launch. Future installments will become available right alongside the PC version’s dlc packs, so there’s a blow for gaming-platform equality right there.

If you’r wondering about Metro: Last Light, you can find out more right here or click here to be taken to our review of the Xbox 360 version of the game. Spoiler alert- it’s great.

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