Microsoft introduces the cheaper Xbox Elite Series 2

Microsoft introduces the cheaper Xbox Elite Series 2

It’s understandable that many people would be on the fence when it comes to spending $180 USD on a controller. Microsoft was apparently paying attention, as its Elite series is now getting a significantly cheaper (yet still appealing) controller. It’s called the Xbox Elite Series 2 – Core. While many of the overt customization features aren’t included with your purchase, it still looks like a great way for anyone who doesn’t care as much about those to get their hands on a better controller. You can pre-order the controller now, but it won’t actually be available until later this month.

The Xbox Elite Series 2 – Core will be available on September 21 and will retail for $130 USD, as opposed to the $180 USD of the full experience. Anyone who purchases one and decides they want the whole shebang can actually upgrade with the Complete Component Pack — for an additional $60 USD. Making it $10 more expensive than just buying the regular controller. Hmm.


So, basically, the Core is quite literally the regular Elite controller with these components missing. The Core will still have the wrap-around rubberized grip, the shorter hair trigger locks, and adjustable-tension thumbsticks, but the interchangeable d-pad, thumbsticks, and paddles will need to be acquired via the component pack.

Elite to the Core

Currently, the Core only comes in white. It also lets you use the Xbox app, which allows players to adjust button mapping or change the color the Xbox button uses when it’s lit up. Additionally, the Elite Controller Series 2 will come to the Xbox Design Lab, allowing players to customize the colors of all the components. I’m not sure how much an Elite controller will cost with that factored in, but I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that it won’t be cheap.

The question is: how will the Core stand up to the knock-off controller I bought on the internet the other week? My guess for that one is it’ll definitely be a hell of a lot better. But that’s a low bar.

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