Minecraft Dungeons guide: Weapons, enchantments, armor, and unique items guide

Minecraft Dungeons guide: Weapons, enchantments, armor, and unique items guide

Minecraft Dungeons has lots of loot for you to collect including melee weapons, ranged weapons, armor pieces, and other unique items. There are also enchantments that can further boost your equipment’s capabilities. Here’s our guide to help you out.

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Minecraft Dungeons weapons, armor, and enchantments guide

In general, your gear pieces in Minecraft Dungeons, including your Artifacts, rely on power (item level/gear score) to increase their damage output. Equipping higher power level items also lets you tackle higher difficulty modes which, in turn, drop items at the appropriate power level too. There are also unique items that can be drop, and these provide a specific perk that not all equipment would have.

As for enchantments, there are several that can be found on various weapons and armor pieces. You’ll need to have enchantment orbs for each perk you want to activate (with higher costs as you level-up enchantment perks). These resources can be obtained from leveling up and when salvaging items that were already enchanted. You’re limited to one enchantment per section, and items can have multiple sections available (allowing you to activate two to three enchantments at the same time).

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Note: You can also buy weapons and armor from the Blacksmith NPC in town using your crystals (gold). Do keep in mind that the results can be extremely random (from item type and power level to rarity and enchantments):

Mdwep 2

Melee weapons

There are multiple types of melee weapons you can use in Minecraft Dungeons and they’re governed by three stats — power (damage), speed (faster vs. slower attacks), and area (AoE coverage for each swing). The same weapon types have similar stats, however, it’s likely they’ll have different enchantments that you can choose from:

  • Sword (average power, low speed, low area) – The first weapon type you’ll obtain; does two swings and a quick stab on the third attack.
  • Cutlass (below-average power, average speed, average area) – Only swings from left to right, but the attacks are faster compared to the sword.
  • Daggers (very low power, very high speed, very low area) – The weapon has fast swiping attacks to compensate for the poor range.
  • Soul Knife (very high power, very low speed, low area) – The soul knife has only one attack animation, a frontal stab that does high damage.
  • Claymore (extremely high power, extremely low speed, high area) – Maxed out attack power, but with a weird three-hit combo (frontal cone slash, stab, overhead strike).
  • Mace (high power, low speed, low area) – Does two swings to the side before an overhead smash.
  • Axe (average power, low speed, low area) – Has the same stats as the sword, but the third attack is a 360-degree spin for crowd-clearing.
  • Pickaxe (high power, low speed, low area) – Minecraft players’ favorite pickaxe only has a frontal overhead bash.
  • Sickle (low power, average speed, low area) – Does four quick slashes then finishes up with a cross strike to damage those in front of you.
  • Glaive (high power, low speed, high area) – Does to downward slashes followed by a frontal cone AoE swing.
  • Great Hammer (very high power, very low speed, high area) – The great hammer is comparable to the soul knife in terms of raw damage output and terrible speed, but it does a ground smash that can hit multiple enemies.
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Unique weapons

  • Fangs of Frost (low power, high speed, very low area) – A unique dagger that freezes/slows mobs.
  • Highland Axe (high power, low speed, average area) – Has the regular axe’s spin attack but also stuns enemies.
  • Firebrand (high power, low speed, average area) – This axe automatically burns mobs that you hit.
  • Sun’s Grace (high power, low speed, low area) – A unique mace that can heal allies in an area.
  • Heartstealer (extremely high power, very low speed, high area) – A unique claymore leeches HP from enemies.
  • Nightmare’s Bite (low power, average speed, low area) – These sickles spawn poison clouds when hitting opponents.

If you obtained a Highland Axe early on, it’s your best bet when progressing further in Minecraft Dungeons. The extra stun effect helps a lot since you won’t need to find the same enchantment on a weapon anymore.

Mdwep 3

Melee weapon enchantments

Minecraft Dungeons‘ melee weapons can have these enchantments:

  • Sharpness – Increases weapon damage per level.
  • Stunning – Chance to temporarily stun enemies.
  • Freezing – Slows mobs for three seconds.
  • Leeching – Heal yourself for a portion of a defeated mob’s health.
  • Rampaging – Chance to increase your attack speed by 50% after defeating a mob.
  • Fire Aspect – Sets enemies on fire to do damage-over-time (DOT) effects.
  • Poison Cloud – 30% chance to summon a poison cloud that DOTs enemies in an area.
  • Thundering – 30% chance to summon a lightning strike on nearby foes.
  • Freezing – Applies a three-second slowing effect on mobs that are hit.
  • Soul Siphon – Hitting an enemy has a 10% chance to acquire more souls.
  • Smiting – Bonus damage versus Undead mobs.
  • Weakening – Attacks decrease the damage of all nearby enemies for five seconds.
  • Chains – 30% chance to bind together multiple mobs.
  • Looting – Increased chance for mobs to drop consumable items (ie. strength potions).
  • Echo – Attacks can be followed up by another attack in rapid succession; higher levels lower the internal cooldown of this effect.
  • Prospector – Find more emeralds when you kill enemies (ie. gold find).
  • Committed – Bonus damage versus wounded enemies.

I found Stunning to be useful all throughout the leveling process in Minecraft Dungeons. The weapon (along with other stun enchantments mentioned below) can even disable cacti mobs from exploding right next to you. Others include Echo + Rampaging (paired with a weapon with fast attacks), Committed (due to increased damage versus wounded enemies), and Looting (if you have multiple teammates with the same enchantment, then you’ll often see drops that can boost your capabilities).

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Ranged weapons

There are several ranged weapons (bows) that can be found in Minecraft Dungeons. They have the power, speed, and ammo stats:

  • Bow (average power, average speed, average ammo) – The very basic bow, the first ranged weapon you get in Minecraft Dungeons, only fires a single arrow per shot. However, you can hold right-click to fire a charged shot.
  • Shortbow (low power, high speed, very high ammo) – Has fast-firing shots and charged shot, but very low damage.
  • Longbow (above-average power, below-average speed, average ammo) – Slightly higher damage and slightly lower speed, but it still has the charged shot capability.
  • Hunting Bow (below-average power, below-average speed, average ammo) – Mobs damaged by your arrows will be targeted by your pets; can still use charged shot.
  • Trick Bow (very low power, average speed, average ammo) – Fires wavy shots and has charged shot; arrows track targets.
  • Power Bow (high power, below-average speed, low ammo) – Stronger than the above counterparts and it also retains the charged shot; suffers from low ammo.
  • Crossbow (above-average power, low speed, average ammo) – Attack speed is similar to the bow; slightly higher damage; no charged shot special.
  • Soul Crossbow (average power, low speed, low ammo) – Increases the souls you obtain from slain foes.
  • Exploding Crossbow (very high power, very low speed, very low ammo) – Projectiles will explode instantly when they hit a target.
  • Heavy Crossbow (extremely high power, very low speed, very low ammo) – Maxed-out damage stat, but very low on speed and ammo; no charged shot.
  • Rapid Crossbow (very low power, very high speed, extremely high ammo) – This ridiculously fast-firing weapon is like a machine gun of sorts.
  • Scatter Bow (average power, high speed, average ammo) – Doesn’t have charged shot, but each attack fires three projectiles while only consuming one ammo.
  • Soul Crossbow (average power, low speed, low ammo) – Increases souls you gather by +2.
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Unique weapons

  • Doom Crossbow – This unique crossbow has additional knockback.
  • Feral Soul Crossbow – Has the souls critical boost.
  • Red Snake – A unique longbow that has a random chance of making its arrowheads explode on enemies.
  • Hunter’s Promise – A hunting bow that has an innate chance to regain its ammo.

Among these choices, I found the rapid crossbow and scatter crossbow to be the ideal ranged weapon options in Minecraft Dungeons. The latter even fires three arrows while only using a single ammo. Now, it doesn’t matter if you’re only leveling or you’re tackling higher difficulty content. Because of countless mobs posing a threat, your goal is to have lightning-fast crowd-clearing capabilities. If you find a unique variant for these, then congratulations.

Minecraft Dungeons Items Guide Best Items Weapons Armor Enchantments 3

Ranged weapon enchantments

Minecraft Dungeons‘ ranged weapons can have these enchantments:

  • Power – Boosts arrow damage.
  • Rapid Fire – Increases attack speed.
  • Accelerate – Increases attack speed for each consecutive attack.
  • Supercharge – Increases the damage of charged shot and its pushback effect; available only to bows that have charged shot enabled.
  • Fused Shot – Shots can fire a timed charge that explodes a second later; maxed-out perk procs this effect every three shots.
  • Piercing – Arrows can pierce through multiple monsters; higher levels lower the number of attacks required for the effect to proc (ie. maxed-out Piercing will proc the effect with every arrow).
  • Growing – Projectile grows while traveling in the air; does higher damage to distant enemies.
  • Ricochet – Chance for arrows to ricochet off mobs to hit others.
  • Radiance Shot – 20% chance to spawn a circular area that heals allies; higher levels increase the amount healed.
  • Infinity – Chance to replenish an arrow after shooting.
  • Punch – Increases enemy pushback.
  • Unchanting – Deals bonus damage to enchanted enemies.
  • Bonus Shot – Each shot fires a nearby arrow at an enemy which does slightly lower damage; the damage can be increased per level.
  • Wild Rage – Chance for an enemy that’s hit to suddenly fly into a rage and attack other hostiles.
  • Multishot – Chance to fire five arrows at once; maxed-out Multishot has a 40% chance to trigger this effect.

Multishot has been one of my go-to enchantments for Minecraft Dungeons‘ ranged weapons. There’s just no way to beat five free projectiles flying out at the same time. The only downside is that I’ve only seen the enchantment very rarely. If you’re able to get Multishot and Fused Shot on a rapid crossbow, then you can enjoy non-stop explosions and projectile spamming.

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Armor pieces

The armor pieces in Minecraft Dungeons do not follow the same stat distribution as weapons. Instead, they all provide health increases and other perks depending on the armor type:

  • Spelunker Armor – 20% weapon damage boost aura; gives you a pet bat that can attack enemies.
  • Reinforced Mail – 35% damage reduction; 30% chance to negate hits; 100% longer dodge roll cooldown.
  • Mercenary Armor – 35% damage reduction; 20% weapon damage boost aura.
  • Evocation Robe – Lower artifact cooldown; increased movement speed aura.
  • Wolf Armor – 20% weapon damage boost aura; health potions you use also heal nearby allies.
  • Thief Armor – 25% melee attack speed.
  • Hunter’s Armor – +10 arrows per bundle pickup; 30% ranged damage.
  • Grim Armor – 100% souls gathered; 3% life steal aura.

Unique armors

  • Renegade Armor – 25% melee attack speed; 35% damage reduction; 20% weapon damage boost aura.
  • Wither Armor – 35% damage reduction; 100% souls gathered; 3% life steal aura.
  • Ember Robe – An evocation robe that burns nearby enemies.

I’m partial to the Renegade Armor and its high-level variants. Boosted damage reduction, melee attack speed, and weapon damage are all perfect when you’re focusing on CC/stun-locking enemies.

Minecraft Dungeons Items Guide Best Items Weapons Armor Enchantments 5

Armor enchantments

Minecraft Dungeons‘ armor pieces can have these enchantments:

  • Food Reserves – Whenever you use a healing potion, you create a random food item; higher levels increase the number of food items you spawn.
  • Deflect – Chance to deflect projectiles (max 60%).
  • Potion Barrier – Using a healing potion reduces damage taken by 90% for several seconds.
  • Surprise Gift – Whenever you use a healing potion, you create a random consumable (ie. strength potion).
  • Swiftfooted – Using your dodge roll increases your movement speed for three seconds.
  • Electrified – Using your dodge roll zaps nearby enemies.
  • Fire Trail – Using your dodge roll creates flame on the ground to DOT enemies.
  • Burning – Damages enemies in melee range every 0.5 seconds.
  • Thorns – Deal damage to the attacker whenever you’re damaged.
  • Soul Speed – Whenever you gather an enemy’s soul, you stack additional movement speed.
  • Snowball – Fires a snowball that can stun enemies; maxed-out enchantment will make it trigger every second.
  • Recycle – Chance to craft a quiver of arrows whenever you’re hit by damaging projectiles.
  • Health Synergy – Regen a small amount of health when you activate your Artifact.
  • Speed Synergy – Gain 20% movement speed when you activate your Artifact.
  • Cool Down – Reduces the cooldown of your Artifacts.
  • Frenzied – Increases your attack speed when below half health.
  • Cowardice – Increased ranged and melee damage whenever you’re at full health.
  • Explorer – Every 100 blocks you explore on each map, you gain a small amount of health.

Potion Barrier becomes an invaluable enchantment especially when you’re still leveling up and need better gear pieces (heck, it remains useful in the endgame due to high damage negation). Then again, it’s the maxed-out Snowball perk that greatly benefits you, whether you’re soloing or partying up. The stun effect on regular enemies ensures that you can get the drop on them without getting hit as often.

Minecraft Dungeons Items Guide Best Items Weapons Armor Enchantments 4

Minecraft Dungeons is available via the Microsoft Windows Store or Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass for PC. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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