Modern Warfare 2: Guides and features hub

Modern Warfare 2: Guides and features hub

Modern Warfare 2 is the latest installment in Activision’s ever-popular Call of Duty franchise. This modern military first-person shooter is a sequel to the original Modern Warfare reboot launched in 2019. This is our guides and features hub for Modern Warfare 2 that has kinds of useful content to guide you on your way.

Note: We’ll continue adding more tips to our Modern Warfare 2 hub, so stay tuned.


Modern Warfare 2 guides and features hub

General tips and tricks

The best settings for PC – These are the best settings to use for Modern Warfare 2 on PC. By using these settings you’ll maximize your frame rate whilst not losing too much visual fidelity.

How to uninstall the campaign on PC – Here’s how to uninstall the campaign for MWII to free up storage space on your PC.

How gunsmith weapon tuning works – Our in-depth breakdown of the new attachment weapon tuning mechanic and if it’s worth using.

How to Pistol Swap and draw your secondary faster – They say that switching to your secondary is faster than reloading, and with the new Pistol Swap mechanic that’s truer than ever before.

How to change the helmet camera when spectating – MWII has introduced a new realistic spectator helmet camera for immersion. This is how to switch between that helmet camera and the regular game perspective whilst spectating.

How to switch between killstreaks and scorestreaks – Some players prefer the tradition of killstreaks whilst others prefer the objective-focused gameplay of scorestreaks. Here’s how to switch between them freely.


Modern Warfare 2 Gun Guides

Assault Rifles

How to build the best Kastov-74u class – The AK-74u makes its return once again and this time it packs one hell of a punch.

How to build the best M4 classCall of Duty‘s jack-of-all-trades assault rifle is back. If you want a reliable gun that gets the job done look no further than this guide.

How to build the best TAQ-56 class – The TAQ-56 represents Modern Warfare 2‘s interpretation of the SCAR-L and this beast has already established itself as the assault rifle of choice.

Submachine Guns

How to build the best VEL 46 class – Also known as the MP7, this laser-accurate SMG remains a fan favorite thanks to its consistency and impressive effective range.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II is available on PC via and Steam.

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