Modern Warfare 2 will launch with 11 multiplayer game modes

Modern Warfare 2 will launch with 11 multiplayer game modes

Infinity Ward has revealed all of the multiplayer game modes that will be available in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The upcoming first-person shooter will launch with 11 different game modes for players to try out. This includes nine 6v6 game modes and two large-scale 32v32 Battle Map modes.

For the most part, the 6v6 modes are as expected. The full list consists of Free-for-All, Team Deathmatch, Domination, Hardpoint, Headquarters, Control, Prisoner Rescue, Knock Out, and Search and Destroy. Most of these are returning Call of Duty modes, but there are a couple of newcomers.


Among the new modes is Prisoner Rescue, a team-based game mode based on extracting a hostage. One team has to rescue and extract the hostage while the other team tries to stop them. Knock Out is the second, where two teams of six fight over the control of a package. The winner of each round is either the team that holds the package once the timer runs out or the team that eliminates the other team first.

Outside of 6v6 game modes, Modern Warfare 2 will also have two Battle Map game modes. Battle Map game modes showcase chaotic 32v32 battles. The two included game modes for this category are Ground War and Ground War Invasion. While mostly identical, Ground War Invasion will include AI and not just players like regular Ground War.

No Kill Confirmed

For most of the above-listed game modes, there will be a first-person, third-person, and hardcore variant. However, hardcore has been rebranded as Tier 1 but remains largely unchanged otherwise. It still features a limited HUD, a faster time to kill, and friendly fire is enabled.

One of the game modes not returning to Modern Warfare 2 is Kill Confirmed. Kill Confirmed is effectively Team Deathmatch but you gain additional points by collecting an enemy’s dog tags after they die. It will not be present in Modern Warfare 2 at launch, but could still be added as a temporary game mode or in a future update.

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