Monster Hunter 4 Nintendo Direct

Iwata presents what is perhaps the most bizarre feature you’ll ever see in a Monster Hunter game. Check out the latest Nintendo Direct and see for yourself.

Apparently this is what Nintendo and Capcom meant when they said they were collaborating on something. In the Nintendo Direct, you’ll see 2 of the characters sporting Mario and Luigi costumes. Also appearing in the trailer is a monster eating a mushroom growing bigger, amongst other features. So it’s same to assume there’s more to this than just alternate costumes.  It’s a nice touch to throw into the new game, and is one of many examples regarding Nintendo’s stronger ties with Japanese third parties in recent years, especially with Capcom.

After Iwata briefly explains the features, Tsujimoto and Fujioka took it from the top, and gave the players the lowdown of some other features in Monster Hunter 4. Shortly thereafter they decided to play the game themselves, and give us a taste of things to come. They work together to defeat a monster, and show off some new components of Monster Hunter 4 of course. Nearing the end of the Direct, Tsjujimoto and Fujioka have a box in front of them with the Monster Hunter 4 logo on it. As Tsjuimoto puts his hand in it, the “opening a large treasure chest” theme from Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time plays; and from the box he pulls out the Master Sword.

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Afterwards, a trailer is shown, with characters donning Link costumes, complete with the Master Sword, bow, and even a boomerang. One would argue that Link is perfect for a universe like Monster hunter, with the weapons he has, as well as being a known adventurer. Fans will no doubt enjoy using these quite often during gameplay. Monster Hunter 4 will be released in Japan September 14th for the Nintendo 3DS.

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