Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak expansion to arrive on PC next summer

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak expansion to arrive on PC next summer

At the start of yesterday’s Nintendo Direct, Capcom revealed a new DLC expansion for its successful action RPG Monster Hunter Rise. This expansion, titled Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, should come as great news for fans of the base game who felt starved for new, substantial content after the 3.0 title update. Even better, Capcom confirmed that PC players will receive Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak sometime during the summer of next year, a significant piece of news considering that the base game has remained a Nintendo Switch exclusive for a while now.

The teaser trailer shown during the Direct does not reveal much, but it nonetheless provides plenty of fuel for speculation over what the expansion might entail. It takes place in what looks like the ruins of a gothic castle, an unusual location for a game that, until now, had leaned heavily on its feudal Japanese aesthetic. Rathalos, the series’ flagship monster, flies overhead before an unknown assailant suddenly throws him off-balance. The trailer cuts to black while showing the “Capcom Presents” text before what looks like a never-before-seen Elder Dragon makes its appearance. This new monster climbs to the top of the castle ruins, spreads its wings menacingly, and then flies off.


What will Sunbreak add?

According to a press release, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will add “an all-new storyline with more new monsters, in addition to new locales, gameplay elements, quest rank, and more.” In particular, the inclusion of a new quest rank should excite fans, as this became one of the most highly-requested features soon after the base game came out.

It remains unclear exactly when the base Monster Hunter Rise game will come to PC, as Capcom only revealed a release window of “early 2022.” Still, the fact that PC players will finally get to experience the game as well as Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak before too long is worthy of celebration.

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