Moon Mystery takes players deep under the surface of Earth’s satellite… with a shotgun

Moon Mystery takes players deep under the surface of Earth’s satellite… with a shotgun

There’s something going on under the seemingly desolate lunar landscape. A team of astronauts has vanished, and a Moon Mystery needs solving.

It’s a mystery!

The year is 1969, and mankind has made landfall on Earth’s sole moon. In the years thereafter, missions back to that mysterious place would be launched, resulting in scientific advancement. And then… that was it. Humans haven’t even had interest in going back til recently, which does seem kind of weird when you think about it.

Maybe that thought was the impetus behind Moon Mystery, a new FPS from Freedom Games and developer Cosmoscouts. The shooter brings players back to the moon, and set on a mission to locate a lost group of astronauts.

Of course, once there, there’s a lot more to discover than a few dusty rocks.

Traverse the depths of the universe, starting with humanity’s first step into space, the Moon. Unbeknownst to the rest of the world, after the original 1969 Moon landing, man continued to regularly go to the lunar-surface and explore its haunted underground.

Take one last trip back as an astronaut following in the footsteps of the missing crew that came before.

Survive a hostile environment that can only allow living beings to thrive with peak adaptability, strategic platforming, and quick puzzle-solving skills.

Scale across dangerous landscapes in search of clues all alone, aside from the computer AI, Toby.

Pilot familiar vehicles like lunar rovers, spaceships, radio-controlled cars, submarines, and more, taking one astronaut beyond the Moon and into unexplored regions of space.

Freedom Games press release

Moon Mystery was featured at today’s PC Gaming Show, and is inbound to the platform some time in 2023.

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