More classic Metroid on the way to Switch with Metroid Fusion

More classic Metroid on the way to Switch with Metroid Fusion

If you’ve been battling your way through Matroid Prime’s remaster and are looking for your next retro adventure, Nintendo has you covered.

One of the best

I might be a little bias here when it comes to this latest Metroid announcement from Nintendo. Okay a lot bias, but it’s because 2D Metroid titles have always been a favorite, and Fusion is at the top of that heap for me.

The Game Boy Advance title originally released in 2002, bringing classic Metroid action back to series fans in an impressive way. Not only did the game look and play fantastic, but it presented a terrific story that introduced the shape-shifting X parasites. Unfortunately it launched at the same time as Metroid Prime, which might’ve overshadowed it just a tad.

In Metroid Fusion, interstellar bounty hunter Samus Aran is attacked by an X parasite while exploring the mysterious planet SR388. This organism is not only deadly, but it can mimic the abilities of any creature it infects – including Samus herself! Saved from the brink thanks to an infusion of Metroid DNA, the X parasite’s only natural predator, she soon discovers that the parasite has spread to the research station orbiting SR388. Weakened and out of options, Samus must do whatever it takes to destroy the X threat before it’s too late.

Nintendo press release

If you missed out on Fusion when it first hit, or just never had the chance to play it in the decades since release, you’re in for a treat. Nintendo has announced that it is on the way to the Switch next week.

The game will be a part of the GBA’s corner of the Switch’s online subscription “Expansion Pack”, so if you’re already on board for that, then you’re getting a copy. If not, remember that the Expansion Pack is a separate add-on for the basic Switch online program. So if you want to play, and you don’t have it, then you’ll need to upgrade.

In all, the release completes the 2D Metroid saga for the Switch. Metroid Dread was a mass retail release, and all the rest of the mainline releases are now on the online service. That includes Metroid (NES), Metroid II (Game Boy), Super Metroid (SNES), and now Fusion (GBA).

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